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This is me doing one of my favorite things - eating my way through Italy. The place is Portofino and the gelato is nocciola (hazelnut.)


I live in the land of hurricanes, hanging chads and some really bad hair days. I’m not complaining. When minor irritations like these get to me, I remind myself that since moving here I’ve never had to shovel humidity; a decent tan is easy to maintain at the nearby beach; and three words, my friends – key lime pie. South Florida – I’m not leaving it anytime soon.
Well not permanently, but I keep my passport at the ready – in my underwear drawer, where I can see it everyday. Ever since my husband (a pilot) retired, we have lived up to the promise we made to each other. Yes, we really meant it when we said we were going to travel, whether it’s visiting friends around the U.S. or touring Europe. (We recently spent three months in the Italian hill town of Spoleto in Umbria.) This far-flung travel bug has always been a part of my life. I met Jim in Peru where I was working at our embassy and he, as a U.S. Navy pilot, showed up at an official reception. Eight days later he proposed and I said yes. I’m not one to tarry…and neither is he.

Our three daughters and six grandchildren gave up settling for souvenir tee shirts years ago and are now racking up their own frequent flyer miles. And every year or so I get away with a great group of girlfriends. We have white water rafted in the Grand Canyon, snorkeled Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, zip lined in New Zealand, unsuccessfully avoided Barbary apes in Gibraltar and if this “me” fest goes on much longer I’ll be here all day. I’ll tell you more later. Oh, and I’ve managed to have an on again/off again writing career over the years, too. (It’s on again!)

There’s a big world out there and whether you experience it first-hand or through a book, I hope the places you go and the people you meet open you to a life of happy adventures.

More later,

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