A Man Like This

A Man Like This

A Man Like This - Romance for Amazon Kindle

Drew Webster wants information about a string of burglaries in his beloved uncle’s community on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Drew can’t understand why the developer’s liaison and everyone’s problem solver, beautiful Jill Stuart, refuses to believe crimes are happening in the first place. She swears the neighborhood is a safe place, but Drew decides to stick around to investigate…and get to know Jill better. A lot better.

If only sexy, deductive, gorgeous Drew would stop poking around and end his visit, she wouldn’t have to worry about her job being in jeopardy. She can’t lose her paycheck, she’s putting her brother through medical school. And, to make matters worse, Drew is right. This is something going on. A resident in the lovely retirement community has sworn Jill to secrecy about an embarrassing financial situation – the woman is pawning her possessions to pay her bills until a CD matures.

Caught between her undeniable attraction to Drew and her solemn promise to one of her residents, Jill is dancing on a razor’s edge. She’s doing her best not to succumb to the funny, loving, way-too-sexy landscape architect. Her responsibilities to those she cares about leave her little room for falling in love.

The inevitable happens; they become lovers and it’s more intimate, more precious than either imagined. Drew now assumes Jill will trust him and admit what she knows about the burglaries. She can’t bring herself to disregard her vow to her elderly friend and though it’s the hardest thing she’s ever done, she turns her back on Drew. But with a man like this, the story’s not over.

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Estimated ebook length: 134 pages
Ebook edition published: 4/2012