Pagan’s Paradise

Susan Connell's Pagan's Paradise Ebook Cover

Hard working photographer Joanna McCall is in need of a major life makeover since her unreliable, high society boyfriend publicly dumped her. When an international children’s charity asks her to photograph underprivileged Central American kids, she eagerly signs on. While expecting a walk on the wild side, she gets her nose bloodied and her camera stolen within hours of her arrival.

The surprising event makes her more determined than ever to see the project through. She can do this – but her rescuer, undercover agent Jack Stratford is not so sure. He secretly knows a revolution’s about to explode onto the streets of San Rafael and he wants the gutsy redhead safely out of the country ASAP. He has work to do and she’s a distraction he can’t afford.

Joanna insists she can handle herself, but when an earthquake, a loony Elvis impersonator and a stint in jail become part of her adventures in paradise, Jack manages to help every time. She’s falling hard and fast for this hero-to-the-rescue. And when did Joanna stop being a problem and start being the woman of Jack’s dreams? As Jack and Joanna grow closer so does the revolution.

(This is a stand-alone follow up book to TROUBLE IN PARADISE)

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