Rings on her Fingers

rings cover

Architect Steve Stratton knows what he wants for Christmas… a long-legged elf with an attitude! Even though Steve has enough charm to make an angel tumble, Gwen Mansfield is determined to keep her distance. Besides, she’s busy enough this holiday season. Maintaining Scarborough Hall, her beloved mansion-turned-apartment house has her moonlighting as a jewelry store “elf” at the mall to help pay the bills. With four broken engagements (she has the rings to prove it) there’s no way she’s going to subject herself to further humiliation by jumping into another relationship. She’s intent on rebuilding her reputation by not losing Scarborough Hall to the mortgage company; besides, her tenants are counting on her.

Steve’s not dissuaded by her white-lies; he manages to rent her last vacant apartment, then makes himself indispensable. While their undeniable attraction heats up, Gwen’s heart soon begins to melt. From helping a tenant’s child realize a Christmas wish to dazzling Gwen with a surprise right out of a fairy-tale, he is relentless in his pursuit to win her. Her life begins to look as rosy as Santa’s cheeks until an unexpected visitor knocks Steve’s plans into the nearest slushy gutter. But don’t worry. It’s Christmas, and Santa’s elves are working overtime to make this the merriest holiday season ever.

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