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Reese the Untamed

Reese: The Untamed

(Sons and Lovers series – Book #2 )
Other authors in the Sons and Lovers Trilogy include Cindy Gerard and Leanne Banks


Reese Marchand always knew when a woman wanted him. And Beth Langdon did—or at least he sensed she wanted something from him. When it came to women, Reese thought he could handle it all, but beautiful Beth went to his head like the finest champagne—the wine of weddings.


Beth delighted him—both in and out of the bedroom—and Reese found he wanted to make provocative Ms. Langdon “Mrs. Marchand.” But beneath her satin skin and warm eyes lurked a secret, one he was determined to uncover—as long as his own secrets stayed firmly hidden.

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Rebel's Spirit

Rebel’s Spirit

(Girls Most Likely To series – Book #1)


Rebecca Barnett had been the bane of Raleigh Hanlon’s teaching career. He’d nearly been done in by the high school senior’s flirtatious zest for life. Now ten years later Rebecca the troublemaker was back for the holidays—all grown up and more irresistible than ever!


All of Follett River was talking about the way Raleigh and Rebecca were carrying on. She’d never dreamed that her old nemesis would dominate her steamy fantasies, but fate had played her a winning hand and Rebecca was going to enjoy showing Raleigh Hanlon just what she had been voted most likely to do!

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How to Succeed at Love - romance cover

How to Succeed at Love

(Girls Most Likely To series – Book #2)


Jade Macleod had been dumped by her boyfriend, fired from her important job…and her high-school reunion was days away! The girl voted “Most Likely to Succeed” was preparing to show up as a total loser…until sexy stranger Spencer Madison agreed to help her out—just for the night.


But Spencer was really a reporter after a story, and he’d decided the information only Jade could give him was just a dance in the high-school gym away. But her unexpected success at making him throb all over was distracting. And soon Spencer also wanted to be the most likely to succeed—at luring Jade into his bed!

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Tall, Dark and Temporary

(Girls Most Likely To series – Book #3)


Widow Megan Sloan had already been a wife and was ready to be a seductress! So she decided to take rugged Nick Buchanan up on his offer of a brief, passionate affair….

Nick knew he had it bad for Megan from the moment he first made his bold proposal. But it seemed the girl voted Most Likely To Have Secret Fantasies in high school was about to give the bachelor Most Likely Never To Get Hitched a run for his money! How else could the infamous bad boy explain his sudden urge to make his fantasy woman his fantasy wife?

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