Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise Cover

When a beautiful, buttoned-down blonde turns up in a Central American rain forest looking for her brother in law (Tony), Reilly Anderson must stop her. He wants Tony to complete secret research for his pharmaceutical company.

If Allison tells Tony he’s about to be a daddy Reilly fears his researcher might bolt before the research is complete. Forget that Reilly and Allison are like nitro and glycerin, Reilly will do anything to keep her from her goal – including playing to her childhood (and, soon, adult) Tarzan fantasies! With the aid of a breast obsessed monkey, a recalcitrant ten year old boy and a jungle tree house Reilly soon captures Allison’s heart. Body and soul, she is his as she lets down her hair – and her guard.

But what about Reilly, the pharmaceutical executive who is just trying to save a bit of the rain forest and maybe the world? Hey, it’s a jungle out there where anything can happen – and it does.