Double Trouble in Paradise

susan connell anthology cover

A compilation of two classic romance novels by award winning, best selling author Susan Connell featuring connected romantic comedies set in a Central American country on the brink of revolution with the rainforest at stake and love on the line.

In TROUBLE IN PARADISE Allison Richards must track down a relative while a seemingly shady inn keeper, Reilly Anderson, thwarts her every step of the way. Working under cover he does what he must to save the rainforest, even playing to her Tarzan fantasies. A breast obsessed monkey and a village boy with attitude adds to the fun. Near the end readers meet the hero of the second featured book.

PAGAN’S PARADISE concerns an ex-pat working under cover to stave off a revolution. Jack Stratford’s job becomes more complicated when photographer Joanna McCall gets in his way and under his skin. A crusty jungle guide and a wacky Elvis impersonator provide comic complications.

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