Featured Book: The Big Beach Book

    The Big Beach Book is available now


    Summary – A compilation of THREE SEXY ROMANCE NOVELS (classics by award winning, best selling author Susan Connell.)

    Volume 1 (A WOMAN TO BLAME – Rick & Bryn’s story) set in the Florida Keys, deals with a man having trouble letting go of his past in order to have a future with his new love.

    Volume 2 (GLORY GIRL – Evan & Holly’s story) set on the Jersey Shore, features a generous dose of naughty blackmail and two of the most passionate, playful lovers doing their best to solve that problem.

    Volume 3 (A MAN LIKE THIS – Drew & Jill’s story) set on an island on Florida’s Gulf Coast, has the hero’s head spinning; is the woman of his dreams capable of a felony?!

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