Now in Paperback – Palmetto Princesses!

For a little while now, Palmetto Princesses has been available in ebook and audiobook formats, and I’ve been delighted to hear from folks who’ve enjoyed my middle grade novel by reading it from a screen or listening to Kimberly Buhl’s narration. But I kept hearing requests to make the book available in a print edition as well. I love the feel of a paperback book in my hands too, so I understood why people might want to enjoy my story in print.

Palmetto Princesses paperback front coverI’ve never independently published in print before, though, so it took a little time to put it together (including the creation of a brand new cover). I’m so pleased with the final product, and I’m happy to present you with the print edition of Palmetto Princesses, now available from Amazon, and Createspace.

In honor of this new paperback edition, I wanted to tell you a little more about the making of this book. When my daughter was 11 we moved to a new town in New Jersey and, for her, a new school. I watched her make her way along the sometimes rocky path to new friendships. As a fiction writer my imagination soared with the possibilities inherent in her situation. Soon I had the beginnings of what was to become Palmetto Princesses. Somehow this manuscript got swept aside because of other writing commitments, and my story about “the new girl” sat in the bottom of my file drawer for a long time.

But with all worthwhile stories, Palmetto Princesses re-surfaced and I found myself working on it again. This time in earnest. The story turned out to be a refreshing change of pace from my women’s fiction.

I tell it in the first person, in the voice of “the new girl,” Isabella Jones (“Izzy,” as she likes to say, “to my friends…if I had any.”) Her father’s an archaeologist, her experience in a regular school is non-existent, and she longs to be regarded as “normal.” On her first day in Palmetto Bay Middle School she notices a tight knit, happy threesome wearing pink satin baseball jackets. Palmetto Princesses is printed across the backs. She watches the girls, intrigued by their interactions with themselves and others.

Izzy now knows that, along with making lots of friends, she wants to know more about the Palmetto Princesses. But she soon finds out that it isn’t easy being the new girl.

Palmetto Princesses fits perfectly in the hands of any 8 to 12 year old girl, and makes a terrific stocking stuffer this holiday season. Buy it in print from Amazon, or Createspace.

Palmetto Princesses is also available in Kindle or Nook formats for your ereader or device, and you can listen to it as a ‘book on tape’ from Audible.

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