Sparks Available Today For Your Kindle

sparksFace05_900x600 I’m so excited to share my 14th novel and first Romantic Suspense—Sparks, which is available today from Amazon. It’s set in Atlantic City, a place of dreams, drama and sizzling entertainment.

In SPARKS, life gets in the way of romance. By life I mean crime, creeps and subterfuge.

Private investigator Steve Hamilton goes one on one with Erin Smith, a headstrong woman with an agenda opposite to his. Steve’s working to stop an arson from happening in Atlantic City and needs vital information from Erin’s ditzy sister Zoe. Zoe is the wife of the man who needs his business torched. Erin’s goal is to get Zoe to leave her creepy husband, but that would cut off Steve from his best source of information. To ramp up things even more Steve is impersonating a psychic. Erin sees him as just another scam artist preying on her sister. Meanwhile Erin’s moonlighting in a local dive as showgirl Indigo Malone, leaving people to wonder who is behind that feather and sequined mask she wears. People like Steve who is fascinated by mysterious Indigo, and people like the showgirl obsessed arsonist who has sadistic plans for her.

With the seedy side of Atlantic City as a backdrop, a sense of the 30’s and 40’s noir style detective novel permeates the story. There’s also a smart talking police detective, a sister with one foot in Wonderland and a clueless Cavalier sniffing his way through SPARKS. Plenty of laughs mixed in with moments of heart thumping terror. Not your average stroll down the Boardwalk.

Sparks is available on Amazon now and will be available soon on B&N Nook.

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