SPARKS & The Name Game

Most writers I know need something called a working title as they write a book. Maybe it’s because a title proves there will be a book. Or in finding an acceptable title, they’ve delineated an important element within the story and that makes it a bit easier to stay on track.

Whatever the reason, sooner or later, that chosen title gets a second look. The closer to the end of the book the closer the look. This is where I’ve been recently. Taking a hard look at my working title, More Than She Knows. I worked hard on coming up with it. I thought it was clever, fun and a telling part of the story. I loved it. It had served me well all these months while my story was evolving. Then I gave it “the test.”

I asked three writer friends and several readers for their take on it. (I must mention here that except for a children’s book this was my first foray into a new genre…well, sub-genre.) I was going from category contemporary romance to romantic suspense – actually more suspense than romance. Everyone I checked with was quick to tell me More Than She Knows screamed category romance. Truth hurts but I asked for honesty and I was glad I got it.

I wanted a title that not only fit the story but also would signal a change to my readers. Coupled with a cover style I’d never used before, I realized the title had to “say” something different, too. After a little more research I decided that something short, punchy and fun was the way to go. Since an element in the book deals with arson and the characters are all high energy types I finally hit on a title that works for me – and those other people involved in “the test.” SPARKS.

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